Race Schedule

Thu-fri, 25-26 March 2021
Racepack Collection

Sat,27 March 2021
3PM Open race area
4PM Opening Ceremonial
5PM Start 70K Race Category
9PM Start 50K Race Category

Sun, 28 March 2021
4AM Start 25K Race Category
5AM Start 13K Race Category
6AM Start 5K Race Category
8AM Attraction and BBQ
COT 5K Race Category
9AM Podium Announcement
COT 13K Race Category
10AM Closing Ceremonial
COT 25K Race Category
COT 50K Race Category
COT 70K Race Category


– Deposit Bag will be open an hour before every race category start at Race Central.
– Drop Bag just only for 70K & 50K runners.
– Pay attention for mandatory gears of 25K, 50K, & 70K runners, you will not able to start before completing it.
– collective Racepack Collection are able with term & condition only for 5K, 13K & 25K.